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Herbal Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

Priyanka Verma


Diabetes is nothing but metabolic disorder in which blood sugar is high. There are many symptoms associated with high blood sugar like frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger. Complications in diabetes can be of two types acute or severe, acute complications include diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycemia or death while serious includes complications like cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, foot ulcers and damage to eyes. Medications to treat diabetes used to lower high blood glucose levels, there are many different classes of antidiabetic medications available like metformin and insulin. Alternate and herbal medications are also available in market, which include plants like Berberisaristata(Daruharida),Pterocapusmarsupium,Trigonellafoenumgraecum,Gymnemasylvestra,and Tinospora cordifolia. Berberis arsitatahas glucose lowering capacity and was found comparable to metformin, while on the other hand, presence of tannantes in Pterocarpus marsupium showed hypoglycaemic activity. Trigonella foecumgraecum seeds, also called as methi, inhibit glucose transport and stimulate insulin secretion by pancreases, whereas Gymnema sylvestra helps in strengthening of beta cells along with balancing antioxidant levels. This shows that these herbal products discussed not only help in lowering blood sugar levels but also without any side or adverse effect, so they can be used as alternate medicine besides allopathic treatment.


Keywords: Diabetes, Berberis aristata, Pterocapus marsupim, Methi, Gymnema sylvestra, Tinospora cordifolia

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