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Phytochemical Screening of Coccinia indica

Shivangi A. Panchabhai, Dr. Vinod M. Thakare, Ms. Meha Motiwala, Mrs.Ujjwala Mahajan


It is a code of conduct that ensures the correct substances in the correct amount for the desired therapeutic effect such as safety, quality, and efficacy. There have evidence which suggest that Coccinia indica has therapeutic effects that range from antihyperglycaemic and antiureogeniceffects in diabetic, ovicidal and repellent properties. The active principles are extracted from plant drugs and purified for therapeutics. Detection of nature of adulterants carried out by various parameters like morphological, microscopical, physical, chemical and biological observation. The plant comprises of many of the chemical compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc. with these compounds like glycosides, alkaloids, volatile oil, tannins are also present; which exerts the physiological and therapeutic effects. It has excellent health benefits in anti-diabetic, expectorant, laxatives, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitussive, etc. The chemical evaluation covers phytochemical screening carried out for establishing the chemical profile of crude drugs. These phytochemical studies were helpful in the further investigation purpose.


Keywords: Chemical components, Coccinia indica, estimation, phytochemical screening, therapeutic efficacy


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Shivangi A. Panchabhai, Vinod M. Thakare, Meha Motiwala, Ujjwala Mahajan. Phytochemical Screening of Coccinia indica. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2019; 6(2):

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