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Legal Contemplation of Nexus about Drug Quality Control and Healthcare

Bhupinder Singh



The goal of the World Health Organization is to confirm the quality of medicines with the help of Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines team by checking the steady and timely discussion on information about drug safety issues. The usage of medicines for the improvement of public health is very important aspect and because of that, the quality of medicines is important not only because of their capacity to treat and prevent disease but also as the trust of the public in the health programmes, policies and legal provisions of their countries is connected the confidence of people in the availability of medicines that are safe and effective. There are some kinds of medicines which may be bringing a minor risk of negative impact on the body; that is why it is important to check their effects, so that good evidence is available on which to examine an assessment of risk versus the effectiveness of medicines. The initial identification of unexpected contrary reactions and their risk factors for health is very much essential particularly with new medicines, so that the medicines can be used in a well-versed manner with the least chance of bad impact or reaction. It is dire need to collect information during pharmacovigilance which may also support in choosing the most appropriate medicine for future use.


Keywords: Drugs, diseases, pharmaceutical, quality control, substandard drugs

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