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Study of Price Variation of Anti-infective Eye Preparations

S. Shanmugam, T. Vetrichelvan, T. Ayyappan


To analyze the percentage cost variations among different brands of commonly prescribed ophthalmic drugs. The cost of different brands of commonly used ophthalmic drugs was sorted out by referring the latest Current Index of Medical Specialities, Indian Drug Review and Retail drug store. The cost of five dosage forms in INR of each brand, cost ratio and percentage cost variation ware calculated. Our study findings showed a very high fluctuation in the minimum and maximum price of ophthalmic drugs which is being manufactured by several companies across the different brands. The cost ratio was also observed to be very high. The percentage variation in the cost was above 100% with most of the commonly used ophthalmic drugs such as Aciclovir (5 mg) 36.93%, Ofloxacin (5 ml) 120.55%, Moxifloxacin (5 ml) 248.16%, Gentamicin (5 ml) 135.25% and Chloramphenicol (5 ml) 260%.


Keywords: Price variation, eye preparation, marketed formulation

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ShanmugamS, VetrichelvanT, Ayyappan T. Study of Price Variation of Anti-infective Eye Preparations. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2018; 5(2): 10–12p.

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