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Quantitative Estimation of the Total Flavonoid Contents of Anogeissus pendula Stem

Priyanka Danai, Teena Agrawal, Varsha Pandey, Purendra Singh


Flavonoids are the typical secondary metabolites contents which are very useful in the plants as well as for human beings. They are one of the sources of several kinds of biological activity in the stem as well as in other part of the plants. These flavonoids are the typical antioxidants as well as they are used in inflammation; they are the typical antimicrobial, they have well distribution in the whole plant kingdom. Due to their very valuable importance, in this research work we are trying to work on the total flavonoids contents (TFCs) in various parts of plants; here in this paper we are focusing mainly on the stem and stem extracts.  For that we have used several kinds of solvents which are polar; these extracts showed good results of the TFCs. We analysed our results by statistical analysis and found significant result of TFC of the stem.  However, the plants showed good activity in terms of TFCs and these can be the potential sources of flavonoids.


Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, biological activity, antimicrobial, potential sources

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