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Pharmaceutical Vistas of Swarna Kalpa: An Overview

Kapil Deo Yadav, L.N. Gupta, Anand Kumar Chaudhary


Swarna (gold) has substantial therapeutic value, which has been indicated in different classics of Ayurveda as well as in contemporary science. To achieve these therapeutic indications, Swarna is converted in to suitable dosage form like Bhasma, Parpati, Kupipakwa, Pottali, Vasant Kalpa, Lauha Kalpa, Vati etc. There are approximately 150 Swarna Yogas in different dosage forms in classical literature of Ayurveda. The above mentioned dosage forms are prepared by unique pharmaceutical technology of Rasa Shastra. In this review, the authors are trying to compile Swarna Yoga along with dosage form and the percentage of Swarna in these, which may be beneficial to mankind and also may lead to new therapeutic research.


Keywords: Swarna, dosage form, Ayurveda, drug

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Yadav KD, Gupta LN, Chaudhary AK. Pharmaceutical vistas of Swarna Kalpa: An overview. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2015; 2(1): 13–18p

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