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In vitro Cytotoxicity of 17-Oxo-5-androsten-3β-yl esters against Liver, Neuroblastoma and Colon Cancer Cell Lines

Neelima Dhingra


A tumor is abnormal growth of body tissue and steroidal derivatives represent a distinct class of antineoplastic agents. Positioning of the oxo group on the parental steroid skeleton has significant effect on the antineoplastic activity profile of the compounds.  Recent work from our laboratory has also demonstrated the effectiveness of 17-oxo-5-androsten-3β-yl ester derivatives as potential antiproliferative agents and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The current study was undertaken to investigate the cytotoxicity using sulforhodamine B dye (SRB ) assay  of the synthesized derivative against six more human cancer cell lines at the  1X 10-5 m (single dose).


Keywords: Cytotoxicity, Human cancer cell lines, Steroids, Sulphorodamine B6

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Neelima Dhingra. In vitro cytotoxicity of 17-Oxo-5-androsten-3β-yl esters against liver, neuroblastoma and colon cancer cell lines. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2016; 3(3): 23–27p.

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