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A Case Study of Laryngeal Narrowing with Glossopharyngeal Neuritis in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Patient

Jyoti Garg


Neuritis is a very common complication met in with chronic diabetics. Commonly, peripheral nerves are involved but involvement of cranial nerves is not a common phenomenon. Involvement of cranial nerves or autonomic nerves may produce serious medical emergency that requires prompt management for life saving followed by long term control management. Such a case of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with laryngeal narrowing and glossopharyngeal neuritis was met in a clinical practice, managed with ayurvedic medicines. Insulin was continued as per medical opinion. Patient was managed with ayurvedic anti-diabetics and neuroprotective medicaments. Patient presented with characteristic signs of chocking, wheezing, breathlessness on little execration, stupor-occasional, non-productive coughing, etc. Scope reports indicated severe laryngeal narrowing; RBS was 450 mg/dl, and all other reports were within physiological range. Provisional diagnosis was established as Apkarshanja Madhumeha Vyapada, considering Acharya Charaka’s opinion that Apakarshana in Madhumeha leads to Gulma (abdominal mass), Kshya (pthysis), Mehanshoola (UTI), Bastishoola, Mutragraha (retention of urine), and other complications may occur due to Apakarshana. Thus treatment was planned with objectives of glycaemic control with herbal drugs, arresting neurological complications with neuroprotective ayurvedic medicaments, controlling symptoms of patient with medicines or simple therapeutic procedures. Patient responded well with treatment, marked clinical improvement was observed within a month of treatment, good glycaemic control with insulin (dosage was declined to half post a year of treatment, good control was observed in HbA1c). Chest signs were negative and reduction in narrowing of larynges was observed after year of treatment. Details of patient and approach to patient would be discussed in full paper.


Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Apkarshanja Madhumeha, Bastishoola, Mehanshoola

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Nishant Shukla. A Case Study of Laryngeal Narrowing with Glossopharyngeal Neuritis in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Patient. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2017; 4(1): 9–14p.

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