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Review on Zebrafish Model: A Novel Research Tool

K. Purna Nagasree, K. Santhi


Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are a small‐bodied tropical, freshwater fish species originally from South Asia. The ease of care, year‐round prolific breeding, and transparent, external development have made these fish a popular model vertebrate for many fields of biology. Over the past 40years, the development methods for genetics, CNS system, CVS system and cancer and other researches have shown rapid development. This review provides an orientation to the zebrafish as a model system, from its ecology and life history to its early use in research and adoption as a key genetic model for vertebrate development. The mice and rats have been common choices for modelling human diseases in the past; the use of zebrafish was rapidly gaining popularity in humans. 70% of human genes’ similarities are found in zebrafish and also this fish has organs similar to human.

 Keywords: Cancer, CNS, CVS, genes, liver, zebrafish

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K. Purna Nagasree, K. Santhi2. Review on Zebrafish Model: A Novel Research Tool. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2019; 6(3): 18–30p.

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