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Recent Advancement in AIDS Treatment

Shikha Sharma


Potentially life threatening condition happens due to chronic syndrome caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Virus weakens the immune system of human beings and body’s ability to fight against the organisms causing diseases. There is no cure for HIV and AIDS but medications slow down the progression of worsening conditions. Entry inhibitors are a promising therapeutic option for HIV-infected patients carrying drug-resistant viruses. Combination drugs are more effective against HIV virus. Ayurveda is also doing remarkable work in this direction; Cow’s Urine Therapy is an important and helpful treatment for HIV/AIDS. Some drugs and vaccines are under clinical trials; GEMMORA and VEDOLIZUMAB are the drugs which are tested for antiretroviral activity.


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, cow’s urine therapy, Gemmora, vedolizumab, antiretroviral activity.


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