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Anti-tuberculosis Effects of the Extracts from Humulus japonicus and Humulus lupulus in in vitro and ex-vivo TB Models

Chung Hwan Han, Chol Jong, Chan Kim



Objectives: Anti-tuberculosis effects of Humulus japonicus and Humulus lupulus were evaluated in in vitro direct killing ability and in ex-vivo indirect killing ability through human macrophages. Methods: H37Rv or XDR strain or NTM was treated with Crude extracts of Humulus japonicas and Humulus lupulus to estimate the MIC(Minimal Inhibitory Concentration) or MKC(Minimal Killing Concentration). Results: The MIC or MKC of the extracts of Humulus japonicus was 31.2 µg/ml for H37Rv and XDR strains and 250 µg/ml for a NTM (M. intracellulare) strain. That of Humulus lupulus was 62.5 µg/ml for H37Rv, XDR and M. intracellulare. Conclusion: Both of the extracts of Humulus japonicus and Humulus lupulus induced inhibitory effects on the growth of H37Rv and XDR in macrophages at 62.5 µg/ml, a non-cytotoxic concentration. In particular, they showed significant inhibition in XDR strain growth.


Keywords: MDR-TB, XDR, Traditional medicines, Tuberculosis, Humulus japonicus and Humulus lupulus

Citation: Chung Hwan Han, Chol Jong, Chan Kim. Anti-tuberculosis Effects of the Extracts from Humulus japonicus and Humulus lupulus in in vitro and ex-vivo TB Models. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2022; 9(3): 34–43p.


MDR-TB, XDR, Traditional medicines,

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