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Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation of Amide Derivates of Prednisolone

Jyoti Garg, Raj Kumar


prodrugs. These novel prodrugs were also characterized with the help of usual analytical and spectral techniques (IR spectroscopy and NMR spectroscopy). These newly synthesized ester derivates of prodrugs were screened for their spectral techniques. All the above compounds showed significant anti-inflammatory effect at 50 mg/kg p.o. and the experimental data are statistically significant at p< 0.05 level. The pharmacological activities exhibited by synthesized novel compounds have confirmed that they may serve the purpose of being accepted as the novel therapeutic agents as anti-inflammatory agents.


Keywords: Prednisolone, amide derivates, spectral techniques, anti-inflammatory

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Garg J., Kumar R. Synthesis, characterization and pharmacological evaluation of amide derivates of prednisolone. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2016; 3(1): 1–13p.

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