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An Extensive Review of Face Powder Formulation Considerations

AK Mohiuddin


Face powder was demanded by many nations in the world in the beginning AD. In Asia, white skin was believed to be the sign of aristocratism, membership of the elite, and yet, white color is the pure symbol of the internal beauty and nobility. In addition, some face powders are sold in varying specialty shades to suit different skin needs; for example, a face powder with a greenish tinge will minimize the appearance of redness, while a purple-tinted powder may help the appearance of sallow or yellow skin. There is a real motivation to utilize face powder, and the pharmacopeias prescribe them in the treatment of many skin affections. At all occasions the correct utilization of powder is helpful; it delicately covers and brings together a composition, concealing desolates of time, improving even the delightful face. Face powder comes in different shades to match varying skin tones, and it is a good idea to choose the skin tone that most closely matches the natural skin. This will help the makeup appear more natural; it should be virtually unnoticeable. It may be necessary to use different face powders for summer and winter, as the skin may become tanner in the summer or drier and in need of extra moisture in the winter. They are of benefit in acne, freckles, sunburn and red nose. Underneath their alluring perspective and scent, face powders ought to be made by the perfumer to join the characteristics of a rich cosmetic and therapeutic agent. They should essentially have adherence, gentility and be straightforward; besides, they ought to be detergent and delicately absorbent so as to help the normal elements of the skin, taking up the greasy issues not effectively unstuck by water; they ought to likewise will in general increment the common elasticity and regular functions of the skin.


Keywords: Absorbency, adhesion, covering power, moisture absorption, pressed powder


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