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Role of Vanadium Salicylic acid coordination Complex in Diabetic cataract induced InVitro in Goat lens

Aman Tiwari, Ruchi Mishra, Arin Bhattacharya, Pranay Soni, Harish Gupta


Diabetes is one of the major health problems that affect a large number of human populations. Diabetic cataract is one of the most frequent ocular complications rising secondarily to diabetes Vanadium and its various coordination metal complex plays a significant role in reduction of diabetes as well as cataract. We had tried to find out that the synthesized complex of Vanadium –Salicylic acid had a role on diabetic cataract induced by fructose. The synthesized complex had been synthesized as per the method described by Bhattacharya et al. The synthesized complex had shown to reduce the In vitro diabetic cataract induced by the glucose. 

We could conclude that Vanadium-aspirin metal complex may significantly reduce the cataractogenesis caused by the diabetes.

Keywords: Diabetes, cataract, In-vitro, salicylic acid

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