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The Effect of Various Humectants on the Formulation of Aloe Vera Leave-On Cream Type of Hair Conditioner

P. Mounika, Linku Abraham, Tariq Ahmad, Pal Jay Prakash, Sanjay Sharma, Rinku Mathappan


Hair care products plays an important role in day-to-day life. Appearance is another significant indicator of the hair. Hair damage results from grooming habits and chemical exposure that alters physical structure of hair. In the present study focus on effect of humectants on leave-on type cream type Aloe vera hair conditioner. Aloe vera is a natural conditioner having water retention properties. Humectants is having the ability to rehydrate the hair when applied. The formulations of Aloe vera with different humectants glycerin (F-1), PEG-200 (F-2), Sorbitol (F-3) was formulated and evaluated. The evaluated parameters like physical appearance hygroscopicity, wetting time, moisturizing time, conditioning effect was evaluated and found that the combination of aloe vera with sorbitol gives more moisturizing effect when compared to other formulations


Humectants, Aloe vera, Hair care products, hygroscopicity, wetting time, moisturizing time, conditioning effect

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