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Studies on Extraction of Flavonoids from Peel of Zingiber officinale

Archit Mohan Shukla, Akshat Agarwal, Amarjeet Redhu, Surya Prakash D.V.


Flavonoids are found in every part of the plant. These are separated from extraction process for preparation of drugs and pharmacological activities. In this research, bio flavonoids were enhanced from peel of Zingiber officinale. The optimitization of physico-chemical parameters are involved for extraction of bio flavonoids. Different Solvents, percentage solvents, time and particle mesh sizes are associated to the extraction process of flavonoids. In the extraction, the optimum parameters of quercetin are ethanol, 80% solvent, 24 hrs and 72 mesh size concentrations was found to be 27µg/ml. The optimum parameters of rutin are methanol, 100% solvent, 36 hrs and 72 mesh size concentrations was discovered to be 20.5µg/ml in this extraction. In this extraction, the optimal conditions for kaempferol were found to be ethanol, 100% solvent, 24 hours, and a 72 mesh size concentration of 23.0µg/ml.


Zingiber officinale, Peel, Flavonoids, Extraction, Solvent, pharmacological activities

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