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A Review on Pharmacological Activities of Oldenlandia Auricularia

Manivasan K., Lata Khani Bisht, D. Visagaperumal, Vineeth Chandy


Oldenlandia auricularia is a medicinal plant, which is originated from South India, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. It also grows in open forest and shrubs. The plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family. The species comprises of around 1,300 varieties. There are several chemical compounds in the plant that have distinct pharmacological characteristics. Alkaloids, anthroquinone, iridoids, sugars, glycosides, coumarin, fatty acids, flavonoids and phenolic compounds are among the phytochemicals found in the plant. It was discovered that the plant contains medicinally active chemicals such as auricularine, ursolic acid, and others. Anti-hypertensive, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anti-plasmodic, anti-mutagenic, anti-cancer, anti-diarrhoea, anti-lipidemic, anti-oxidant, anti-dysentery, and anti-fungal are some of the pharmacological properties of Oldenlandia species. In this review article, I have collected the information about the plant extract of Oldenlandia auricularia exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antihypertensive, and antioxidant properties.


Oldenlandia auricularia, auricularine, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antihypertensive, antioxidant.

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