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An Assessment of Various Types of Medication Errors in Prescription and their Prevention for Effective Treatment

Mukesh Kumar


Prescription is an important part of the treatment after the patient is diagnosed for the disease by the doctor. It must be an actual indication to the pharmacist and to the patient for the better effective treatment. There must not be anything in prescription which make create confusion to the patient and dispensing persons like pharmacist. As per our traditional systems, prescriptions are usually handwritten in some sectors which are usually very hard to understand by the pharmacist and to the patients also. Although medical council of India timely give directions to physicians or medical professionals to write the medication and prescription in capital letters with salt name and everything in the prescription should be indicated clearly. Sometimes many drugs are prescribed to a single patient for treatment, but it is hardly indicated on prescription regarding the adverse effects of medicines. Ultimately It disturb the proper treatment to be taken by the patients and adversely affect the health of patients. In this paper, various types of common medication errors in prescription are described along with the way of preventing these errors so that proper treatment may be provided to the patients. The role of computer is also described in this paper.


Prescription, Adverse drug reaction, pharmacist, prescription, treatment

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