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S Shameem, Dr.S Kameshwaran, K. Shanmugapriya, A. Saranya, K.P. Sathish, S.M. Shabariraj


Mycosis is a disorder brought on by mould or yeast, commonly known as a fungal infection. Although fungi (plural of fungus) can spread diseases to the mouth, throat, lungs, urinary tract, and many other regions of the body, skin and nails are the most common sites for fungal infections. You will experience various symptoms depending on the kind of fungus infection you have and where it is on your body. The symptoms are most often detected on the vaginal, throat, and mouth mucous membranes. Symptoms can occasionally be brought on by infections of the sinuses, brain, eyes, digestive tract, and lungs. Numerous fungal infections can be cured with the use of antifungal drugs, which get rid of fungus on and in your body. Depending on the fungus's location


Fungal infections, Mucous membranes, Sinuses, Mycosis, vagina

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