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Development, Characterization and Evaluation of Topical Gel of Clove Oil

Megha Sharma, Khushboo Nechlan, Seema Kohli



A wide choice of vehicles ranging from solid to semisolid forms has been used for skin care and of dermatological disease. High molecular-weight water-soluble polymers of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), gelatin, sodium alginate that possess very high viscosity, transparency, film forming properties at low concentration, are reported to be useful in formation of gel. In the present research work, gels of clove oil using different gel-forming agents such as sodium CMC, sodium alginate, gelatin, and gum tragacanth were prepared with an objective to increase transparency and spreadability. The prepared gels were characterized for pH, spreadability, consistency, homogenecity, skin irritation, and drug content and stability studies. Results show that gel made of sodium CMC has good consistency, homogenecity, spreadability, stability and has wider prospect for topical preparations as compared to sodium alginate, gelatin, tragacanth gum, and PVA gel containing clove oil.


Keywords: Clove oil, sodium CMC, gelatin, sodium alginate

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