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A Study of Efficacy of Triphaladi Vati and Shilajitwadi Vati in Prameha (NIDDM)

Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


In present era, there is no place for blind faith in tradition and authority of Shastras. Only the facts established by proofs derived after careful investigations, observations, and experiments, supported by accurate convincing reasoning can convince the people about validity. The old concepts require to be re-evaluated in the light of present theories and experiences. Present study is a humble effort to re-establish the effectivity of Ayurvedic compounds [Triphaladi Vati and Shilajitwadi Vati] on Prameha and to assess the effects based on established, disease specific bio-chemical parameters too. 


Triphaladi vati, Shilajitwadi vati, Prameha, Biochemical and Ayurvedic

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