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A Unani Perspective of Zeequn Nafas (Bronchial Asthma): A Brief Communication

Mudasir Maqbool, Irfat Ara


Zeequn Nafas is a widespread interaction of the bronchial system due to a number of influencing factors leading to chronic respiratory impairment. This respiratory impairment or Zeequn Nafas (Bronchial Asthma) has a wide clinical continuum, ranging from readily reversible bronchospasm to severe chronic intractable airflow obstruction. Bronchial asthma is the medical term used to describe Zeequn Nafas. The term Asthma is originated from the Greek word meaning short breathing, panting or labored breathing. Asthma is a complex airway disorder in which several cells and cell components participate. Despite the continuous research around the world, the successful and safe pharmacotherapy of Zeequn Nafas (Bronchial Asthma) continues to challenge the modern medical community. Corticosteroids and other bronchodilators suppress the immune system when used for long periods of time. Taking into account that diseases are the main phenomena of the body, Unani medicine believes in understanding the interaction between the powers of the body to maintain the reactions of the body to the diseases. Results from various research reports that substitute asthma treatments have played a prominent part in relieving symptoms. Interestingly, well-organized clinical studies still are required to illustrate on the effectiveness of treatment regimens. In this short communication, we will briefly review about Unani perspective of Zeequn Nafas (Bronchial Asthma).

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