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Neuropathic Potential of Cabazitaxel Comparative to Paclitaxel and Ameliorative Effect of Capsaicin

S Pal, A Shukla, P Bigoniya


Paclitaxel and cabazitaxel both are the cytotoxic anticancer drugs having microtubule damaging property. The study aims at comparative neuropathic potential evaluation of cabazitaxel against paclitaxel and to assess the efficacy level of intraperitoneally applied capsaicin isolated from Capsicum annuum seed against both paclitaxel and cabazitaxel-induced neuropathy. Neuropathy was evaluated of heat hyperalgesia, cold allodynia, tactile mechanical hyperalgesia and extent of motor incoordination and motor impairment development on mice. Alternate day dosing of paclitaxel and cabazitaxel at 2 mg/kg for 14 days having cumulative dose of 16 mg/kg, showed induction of neuropathy 13th day onward. Ameliorative efficacy of capsaicin was evaluated at 0.75, 1.25 and 1.75 mg/kg, i.p. dose treated for 14 days with neuropathy assessment on 0, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day. Paclitaxel and cabazitaxel both showed high intensity peripheral neuropathy against heat hyperalgesia followed by tactile mechanical hyperalgesia and cold allodynia. Capsaicin showed dose-dependent reversal of both paclitaxel and cabazitaxel induced heat hyperalgesia and cold allodynia. Capsaicin 1.75 mg/kg, i.p, had maximum ameliorative effect against cold allodynia induced by paclitaxel followed by cabazitaxel. Cabazitaxel induced high intensity peripheral neuropathy against heat hyperalgesia followed by tactile mechanical hyperalgesia and cold allodynia similar to paclitaxel. Capsaicin showed intense antinociceptive effect against cold allodynia followed by tactile mechanical hyperalgesia and heat hyperalgesia. Antinociceptive effect of capsaicin was more pronounced against paclitaxel as compared to cabazitaxel-induced neuropathy.


Keywords: Cabazitaxel, capsaicin, cold allodynia, heat hyperalgesia, paclitaxel

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Pal S, Shukla A, Bigoniya P. Neuropathic potential of cabazitaxel comparative to paclitaxel and ameliorative effect of capsaicin. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2018; 5(2): 25–38p.


Cabazitaxel, Capsaicin, Cold allodynia, Heat hyperalgesia, Paclitaxel, Neuropathy

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