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Shitapitta (Urticaria)—A Case Series Showing Efficacy of Virechana Therapy

Ish Sharma, Aparna Sharma


Ayurveda can safely be applied to heal many difficult conditions [1]. Shitapitta (Urticaria) is a type I hypersensitivity reaction which is manifested because of exposure to such allergens. Epidemiology of Urticaria is increasing nowadays due to industrialization and agriculture. Skin diseases are a major health problem among all the age group and are associated with significant morbidity. Two cases were studied in the present paper—males 16 years & 19 years having recurrent Urticaria for 7 years & 3 years, respectively. Both received Shodhana treatment with Virechana procedure, followed by Shamana (palliative management).

Urticaria is palliable only in most cases when managed with the western chemical medicine. Ayurveda could eradicate it for good.

 Keywords: Ayurveda, Shitapitta, epidemiology, Shodhana, Virechana

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Sharma I, Sharma A. Shitapitta (Urticaria)—A Case Series Showing Efficacy of Virechana Therapy.  Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2017; 4(2): 7–11p.

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