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Wound Healing Potential of Medicinal Plants: A Review

A. Mohanty, C. Das, S. K. Prusty, P. K. Sahu


Wound healing is an integrated cellular and biochemical process of restoring normal structure functions of damaged tissue. Healing is a natural phenomenon by which body itself overcome the damaged to the tissue, but the rate of healing is very slow and chance of microbial infection is high. Improvement in healing process can be accomplished either by shortening the time required for healing or to minimize the undesired consequences. India has a rich tradition of plant-based knowledge on healthcare system. Several herbs and medicinal plants proved to be a wound healers were identified and formulated for treatment and management of wounds. Various herbal products have been used in management and treatment of wounds over the years. In the present study, we have found that the secondary metabolites like flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, alkaloids, terpenoids, phenolic acids, anthocyanins and polysaccharides are the constituents responsible wound healing. Among these flavonoids are the main constituents found to cure wound. Various morphological parts leave, bark, stem, flower, bulb, seed are used for wound healing. Various extracts like acetone, chloroform, ethanol, methanol and aqueous are used at concentration of 1%, 2%, 2.5%, 10% and 20% w/w as topically and 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg as orally on excision, incision, dead space wound, burn wound and surgical wound model. Different standard drugs are used in wound healing; they are madecassol, povidone iodine (5%), silver sulphadiazine (1%), cicatrin powder, solcoseryl, nitrofurazone ointment (2%), gentamicin sulphate hydrogel (0.01%), framycetin ointment, vitamin E, mupirocin ointment and Neosporin. In the present review we have highlighted the active constituents of different plant which are used for the treatment of cuts and wounds as a wound healer.


Keywords: Wound, secondary metabolites, wound healing plants


A. Mohanty, C. Das, S.K. Prusty et al. Wound Healing Potential of Medicinal Plants: A Review. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2017; 4(2): 17–40p.

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