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Indigenous Technical Knowledge Associated with Ethnomedicines in Banwar Village (Gwalior District), Madhya Pradesh, India

Mahesh Rao, Narendra S, Sangeeta M., Karmakar P., Atmanand T., Sendhil R, Rajagopal V.


Application of traditional knowledge is considered to be a simple and cost-effective way of immediate protection and well-being of living organisms in the society. However, the technique and its application differ across regions. The main objective of the study was to explore the indigenous techniques applied by the inhabitants of Banwar village, Madhya Pradesh, to protect the health of humans, crops and livestock through ethnomedicines. The investigation has been carried out by a team of trainee scientists inducted for National Agricultural Research System (NARS), India, during 2011-12. Snowball technique has been employed to select the respondents from Banwar. Observations recorded by Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in the village indicated different indigenous health practices employed by the villagers against various infections. Utilising locally available materials by applying traditional knowledge immensely helped to get immediate relief from the concerned problem. Further, the study revealed that the process is cost-effective, time bound and eco-friendly.


Keywords: Traditional knowledge, Banwar, indigenous techniques, ethnomedicines


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