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Polyherbal Formulation: Preparation, Standardization and Neuropharmcological Screening

Abhishek Jain, Raju Wadekar, Pinky Radiya, Sagar Bagul, Kaikasha Khan


The Standardization and Pharmacological evaluation of herbal formulations is crucial in order to evaluate the quality, purity, safety and efficacy of drug based on the amounts of their active principles. The aim of present work is to prepare and standardize herbal formulation and also to evaluate its neuropharmacological potential on rats. The formulation was prepared by mixing 20 herbs in equal proportion and was made homogenous. Furthermore, the formulation was standardized on the basis of organoleptic characters, physical characters and physicochemical properties. The set parameters were found to be sufficient to evaluate the formulation and can be used as reference standard for the quality control/quality assurance purposes. Subsequently, the neuropharmacological activity of the aqueous extract of the prepared formulation was administered to rats to evaluate transfer latency (TL) on an elevated plus maze. TL was a measure of acquisition and retrieval learning. The extract was found to exhibit significant improvement of retrieval memory. Thus, finding proves that the formulation possess promising CNS – Stimulant activity.


Keywords: Polyherbal formulation, Neuropharmacological, Transfer latency, Standardization

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