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Micro morphological and Micrometric Evaluation of Andrographis panniculata Nees. (Kalmegh) Flower

Jani S., Harisha C.R.


Andrographis paniculata Nees. is one of the most important herb widely used in Ayurveda belonging to the family Acanthaceae commonly called Kalmegh, Bhunimba etc. It is widely used in fever, jaundice, liver disorders. Till date as per data there has been no established research work found regarding micromorphology and micrometric evaluation on kalmegh flower. Present study has been focused on micro morphological and detailed micrometric evaluation of individual part including its powder microscopy. Observations like cystoliths are present in epidermal region of calyx but absent in case of corolla, pollen grains brownish with two protuberances, measurement of Pollen grains 1.4 X 1.0 µm. moreover the sessile glandular trichomes are key characters of Acanthaceae family. Flower microscopy brings scientific knowledge and understanding of floral characters helps in identification in the crude drugs in the powder form.


Keywords: Kalmegh, Micromorphology, Micrometry, Flower

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