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Katuskandha (Group of Pungent) Drugs: A Scientific Pharmacognostical Approach in Identification

Shivangi Bhardwaj, V. J. Shukla, Harisha C. R, Switu Jani


Ayurveda science used classification tool for the purpose of differentiation and identification of the plant drugs. The Vaidya of Ayurveda classifies the plants on the basis of different quality like Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka etc. Treatment on the basis of Rasa (taste) dominancy is adopted in charaka samhita in the chapter ‘Rogabhishagajitiyavimana’ under the heading of skandha (group) i.e., katuskandha, tiktaskandha etc. katu skandha class contain the drugs having katu rasa (pungent taste). All the drugs belong to the same class having the same rasa, might have similarity among them. In this study we have selected 10 drugs of pungent taste and find out the similar powder characters of all drugs. Till date there is no data available regarding the pharmacognostical evaluation of drugs having pungent taste. Result reveals that organoleptic characters of all 10 drugs have pungent taste and microscopic evaluation. It also revealed that presence of brown content, oil globules, fibers etc. are dominant in all the drugs and most of pungent drugs are rich of essential oil.


Keywords: Pungent taste, charka classification, microscopy, organoleptic

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Shivangi Bhardwaj, Shukla VJ, Harisha C.R, et al. Katuskandha (group of pungent) Drugs- A Scientific Pharmacognostical Approach in Identification. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2015; 2(2): 1–10p.


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