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Anatomical Descriptive Research Studies on the Young and Old Stems of Urena lobata Linn

Rinku Mathappan, Mekkanti Manasa Rekha


Urena lobata Linn (usually known as Caesar weed), which has a place with the group of Malvaceae, is dispersed all over India. This spice is stuffing in nature and goes under the bush classification (60 to 100 cm long). The plant contains flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides like, alkanes, β-sitosterol and shame sterol. Different concentrates of the leaves and roots are utilized in natural medication to treat various afflictions, for example, intestinal sickness, wounds, toothache, stiffness and venereal ailments. The present study was conducted to determine the anatomical studies of the young and old stems of Urena lobata Linn such as Transverse Section (TS) of the young stem, portion of pith of the stem, paradermal view of the stem showing crystals under the polarized light and Transverse Section (TS) of the old stem were carried out. All these characters which were determined will help the researchers in their anatomical as well as pharmacognostical analysis of this species belonging to Malvaceae family. Conventional pharma-cognostical study is predicated on macroscopic, microscopic and quantitative microscopy. Macroscopic characters include shape, size, colour and texture of the drug in crude or powdered form while microscopic characters include the anatomical details of drug producing plant, maceration study and therefore the size measurement of varied sorts of cells. The fashionable pharmacognosy utilizes characteristics of analytical, phytochemical and certain physical constant values over the normal science of taxonomy in plant systematic and important chemical constituents’ presence inside the cell also. Most of the physical, botanical, chemical and microbial techniques employed in pharmacognosy are applicable to the analysis of medicine and employed by public analysts too.


Keywords: Urena lobata Linn, anatomical studies, young and old stem, Malvaceae, Transverse Section (TS)


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