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HPLC Method Development by Using QBD Approach: An Overview

Bhusari Vishwas M, Kamble H., Sagade Vaibhav B, Waghmare Santosh


HPLC is a critical analytical method for obtaining medicinal product information. The HPLC method should be capable of separating, detecting, and quantifying a variety of medicines and associated compounds. Validation is the process of determining the performance and qualities of a product or service. In this paper, I assembled HPLC data using their QbD method. It is more efficient than traditional HPLC. This is the most versatile, safe, reliable, and quick chromatographical method for drug sample quality control. The goal of this study was to concentrate on many aspects of HPLC, such as its principle, kinds, apparatus, HPLC method creation, and validation, as well as its application.



HPLC, Analytical method, QbD, Validation, Method Development.

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