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A brief review on Pharmacy: Always Trusted for Your Health

Ashwini Ashok Jamdhade, Nilesh S. Pendbhaje, Rupali V. Nirmal, Snehal S. Dahe, Janvi T. Batra


The pharmacy profession has grown dramatically in terms of professional services delivery during the last several years, and it is now acknowledged as a key profession in the interdisciplinary delivery of health care. The report emphasises the importance of pharmacy in public health and care. This year's World Pharmacist Day campaign, according to FIP, was an opportunity for pharmacy to express gratitude [for the trust placed in the profession and raise awareness of this trust and pharmacist's critical role in promoting health]. Over the course of many years of caring, positive relationships, skill, and excellent practise, Pharmacy has built up a trust reserve. This article explains how to build trust. This information may be valuable in practise and teaching for clinicians, educators, and researchers interested in this field.

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