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A Review of basic Concept of Specific Drug Delivery System

Gita Sahu, Surekha Baghel, Piyush Jain


This review focus going on targeted drug delivery via Nanoparticles as a Special composition that couple a receptor site to a Nanosized , drug-loaded transporter as a budding means to get improved effectiveness of a drug at the site of significance. The conception of targeted drugs is not new, but since to 1906 while Ehrlich initial postulate the ‘magic bullet’. therefore is must to build up a appropriate drug system that distributes the therapeutically active drug particle only to target organ site , without moving healthy tissue or organ. This type of delivery system is traditional drug delivery system as only a targeted area like colon cancer, other cancer cells, kidneys, liver therapy etc. In this review, a small number of fundamental concept of this system has been discuss, also a brief of the category of drug carrier used in formulate such a dosage form is talk about. Now a days different carrier systems for example Liposome`s,
Microspheres/Microparticles, Microspheres/Microparticles , Nanocrystal, Nanowires, Nanosized ethosomes, Resealed Erythrocytes, Nanotubes, Carbon nano tube, Nano emu gel, Transdermally etc. are help in target drug delivery system which provide site specific drug delivery.

KEYWORD- Target drug delivery, specific site, carrier, therapy.

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