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S. Shameem, Dr.S. Kameshwaran, K. Shanmugapriya, A. Saranya, K.P. Sathish


The trinity of cardinal symptoms that comprise Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS), an uncommon but severe congenital condition, include cryptorchidism, urinary tract dilatation, and flexibility of the abdominal wall musculature. In 1839, Frölich made the first mention of the prune belly condition. Osler gave the disorder its name in 1901; it relates to the wrinkly look of the abdomen brought on by the lack of muscle. Eagle-Barrett syndrome is another name for prune belly syndrome. Although aspiration pneumonia was identified as the immediate cause of death, the autopsy confirmed the PBS diagnosis.


Prune Belly Syndrome, Cryptorchidism, Urologic Diseases

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