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Swine Flu is a Dangerous Pandemic Disease Worldwide: A Review

Pinky ., Madan L Kaushik


Swine flu is a pandemic disease which is characterised by fever, sore throat, cough, chills,
body aches, fatigue, and sometimes diarrhoea, vomiting, running nose, watering eyes, throat
pain, and myalgia. It is caused by orthomyxovirus virus subtype (H1N1). Three major
influenza viruses (Influenza A, B and C) are identified. Among these viruses, Influenza A is
responsible for causing swine flu. It was first reported in Mexico, which slowly get invaded to
nearby countries. The disease was declared as a pandemic disease by the World Health
Organization (WHO) in June, 2009. It invaded globally slowly and caused 94,512 deaths
across the world. The antigenic shift and drift are responsible for the production of new
subtype and strain of the virus, respectively. Swine virus is known to be produced from the
same ancestor which caused pandemic in 1918. Nowadays various technologies have been
used for the detection of swine flu. A number of drugs are used for the treatment of swine flu
such as antiviral drugs. Protective measures are necessary to maintain.
Keywords: Pandemic, H1N1 virus, antigenic shift and drift

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