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Pylorus Ligation Induced Gastric Ulcer Protection by Sesamum Indicum Ethanolic Seed Extract

Iswar Hazarika, Manowar Hussain, Anju Das



The present study was performed in pylorus ligation induced ulcer model in Wister rats, in which ability to provide gastric protection was studied at two different doses 200 and 400 mg/kg calculated based on the acute toxicity study. Gastric protection was evaluated by assessing various parameters like gastric volume, pH, total acidity, free acidity, ulcer index and percentage inhibition of ulceration. Ranitidine at 50 mg/kg was used as the standard drug. Pretreatment of ethanolic extracts 400 mg/kg of Sesamum indicum Linn. seed showed significant (P<0.001) decrease in the gastric volume, total acidity and free acidity. However, pH of the gastric juice significantly (P<0.001) increased at the dose, 400 mg/kg. It also showed a significant (P<0.001) decrease in number of ulcers and ulcer score index. In conclusion the antiulcer properties of the extracts may be attributed to the presence of phytochemical like flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids and tannins present in the plant extract with various biological activities.


Keywords: Sesamum indicum Linn., pylorus ligation, flavonoids, ulcer index, ethanolic extract

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Manowar Hussain, Iswar Hazarika, Anju Das. Pylorus ligation induced gastric ulcer protection by sesamum indicum ethanolic seed extract. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 6(3): 42–49p.

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