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A Process for Standardization of Ayurvedic Polyherbal Formulation (Churna) for Antioxidant Activity

S. Ghosh, P. Bhateja



Ayurvedic medicinal preparation as per Ayurveda by using herbal antioxidant ingredients; the name of prepared formulation in Ayurveda is called churna, That churna having antioxidant property known to be effective in all types of allied disorders also, related to oxidation in cellular and molecular level in a living system has been standardized by following modern scientific quality control procedures both for the raw material and finished product. The obtained values of physical and chemical parameters can be adopted to lay down new pharmacopoeia standards to be followed for traditional preparations of antioxidant churna with batch-to-batch consistency. The Physicochemical constituents found to be present in the raw material used the preparation of antioxidant churna possible facilitate the desirable therapeutic efficacy of the medicinal formulation, and also could help in knowing the underlying mechanisms of Pharmacological Action.


Keywords: Standardization, Antioxidant Churna, Ayurvedic Polyherbal formulation, Pharmacopoeia standards.


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