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A Review: Various Adsorbent Carriers used for Enhancing Dissolution Profile

Kamble Sharad K., Shinde Sunita S.


In recent times, a large number of studies concerning the improvement of the dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs are focused on the application of various porous materials as the drug carriers. These materials have attracted the attention of researchers owing to their outstanding properties such as large surface area, high pore volumes, microporosity and possibility of surface functionalization. Fujicalin can also be used to assist flow, reduce tablet weight variation and improve content uniformity. Neusilin can also be used widely to improve the quality of cosmetics or fine chemical products and drugs, and as an excipient, binder, auxiliary disintegrating agent, anticaking agent, fluidity improving agent, or powder adsorption agent. The adsorbent carriers are used to develop the oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs, to increase the dissolution of relatively insoluble powders and conversion of crystalline state to amorphous state. In this study we have discussed about adsorbent carriers, their types, applications and how they improve effect on dissolution profile. In this study we have also discussed about various adsorbent carriers used for enhancing dissolution profile of water insoluble drug.


Keywords: Ketoprofen, solvent evaporation method, adsorbent carrier like Neusilin, Sylysia, Fujicalin and Aerosil, dissolution rate, stability study


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