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Bioequivalence Studies of Pantoprazole Tablets

Divya Pathak, K.K. Jha, Shahidhusain .


Pantoprazole is a most popular drug, which are used in peptic ulcer and widely distributed in India. Present study is done to assessment parameter of enteric coated Pantoprazole tablets. Two brands of Pantoprazole tablets were collected from Rampur for their assessment test. All brands demonstrated well-designed and good-looking external features. Tablets were reliable in hardness, friability, thickness, and weight. Brands f1, f2, exhibited sufficient mechanical strength to resist fracture and abrasion. In addition, f1 and F2 brand showed acceptable disintegration time, drug release pattern and drug content.


Keywords: Pantoprazole, weight variation, dissolution, enteric coated tablet, disintegration, PPI


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Divya Pathak, K.K. Jha, Shahidhusain. Bioequivalence Studies of Pantoprazole Tablets. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2018; 5(1): 6–9p.

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