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A Review on Nose to brain Drug Delivery

Gaikwad Bhagyashri B., Vikhe Sunaina


Nose to Brain drug delivery is very important drug delivery to enter drug molecule inside of brain. There are various severe disease like Parkinson disease, Alzheimer, depression and many more disease associated with brain it can be easily recover with the nasal route. Different type of nerve present in the nasal cavity which absorb the drug and hence easily enter into the brain. There are various barrier for other drug delivery system like BBB, Hydrophilicity of drug as a result very less amount of drug reach into the target site. In case of nasal route absence of BBB therefore molecule easily enter into brain site. Previous article published on the nose to brain drug delivery it gives some information about route of administration, absorption as well as application part. Most of the article given more information about application part of nose to brain drug delivery. Parkinson disease, Depression, Alzheimer Disease major disorder can be treat by using nose to brain drug delivery. In this article we have add information which collect from research as well as review article and prepare one summarized data of nose to brain drug delivery. Which will help to review the topic also help to researcher in such way that what kind of research is bad been done. The basic objective behind this article is summarized data of nose to brain drug delivery is given it will make researcher easy. Researcher find all the data in this article so there is less time required for litrecture review article.


Keywords: Nose to brain , BBB, Parkinson disease, Alzhemier disease, Absorption pathway.


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