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Management of Anal Fissure (Sheqaq al-Maqa’ad) in Unani System of Medicine

Ansari Tahezeeb Afroz


Fissure is derived from a Latin word “Fissura” which means a groove, natural division, cleft, slit, deep furrow, ulcer or crack like sore. Anal fissure is a longitudinal tear or disruption in the anoderm at the distal end of anal canal. It typically extends from below the dentate line to the anal verge. It affects more than 10% of patients attending proctology clinics and the incidence is growing high day by day. The problem with the disease is that, it is very annoying, painful and hampers day to day work. In modern medicine, management of anal fissure includes application of Nitroglycerine, Botulinum toxin, Lateral Sphincterotomy, Lord’s anal dilatation and Fissurectomy which are costly procedures and show some side effects. Many clinical studies proved that fear of recurrence is there. In Unani System of Medicine, there is brief description of aetiology, pathogenesis and management of Sheqaq al-Maqa’ad. After going through the literature we can conclude that anal fissure like painful ailment is treatable with affordable and less invasive methods.


Keywords: Anal fissure, medicines, Sheqaq al-Maqa’ad, Unani management, Unani drugs


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