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Analytical Study of An Ayurvedic Herbomineral Formulation: PunarnavaMandura

Chhaya Gupta, C. B. Jha


PunarnavaMandura is a herbomineral formulation commonly used for Pandu roga, in which Mandurabhasma is used as a major ingredient along with powder of twenty herbals in specified proportion. In this study PunarnavaMandura was prepared with reference quoted in BhaishajyaRatnavali. Mandurabhasma was prepared by following the standard parameters of bhasma preparation. To keep similar therapeutic efficacy of a drug, standardization and analytical evaluation is compulsory. So, the prepared PunarnavaMandura was analyzed with physio-chemical parameters like loss on drying, -ash value, and acid insoluble ash value along with qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements present in PunarnavaMandura.


Keywords: PunarnavaMandura, ManduraBhasma, Physio-chemical analysis and elemental analysis


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