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Kalyaanak Ghrita: A Medicinal Review

Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


Kalyaanaka ghrita is a formulation described by Aacaarya Vaagbhat in Unmaada pratishedha in Ashtaanga Hridaya Uthara sthaana and Aacaarya Caraka in Caraka samhita Cikitsa sthaana. Aacaarya Susruta has mentioned this yoga in Kalpa sthaana. The formulation which contains 28 drugs mentioned in Charaka samhita chikitsa sthaana is selected for the study. It is ideal in managing psychic derangements. Moreover, it has varied indications in reproductive domains as well. The combination is having multiple level of action in almost all systems of the body especially involving rasa, rakta and sukra dhatu. It improves ojus and is having rasayana property. Thus, it is a very good combination with proven psychological and reproductive action


Kalyaanaka Ghrita, Unmaada, Rasa, Rakta, Shukra Dhatu, Ojus and Rasayana

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