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Drug Abuse and Misuse: Cannabinoids

Prerna Verma, Sanjeev Chauhan


Cannabis are extensively used to control mild to extreme acute ache syndromes, consisting of ache related to trauma or postoperative ache, and that they were used to control continual ache, even continual non-malignant ache. However, latest years have visible a renewed reputation of the capacity for over-use, misuse, and abuse of hashish. Therefore, prescribing hashish is hard for healthcare companies in that scientific effectiveness have to be balanced in opposition to bad outcomes—with the opportunity that neither are performed perfectly. The contemporary discourse approximately the dual ‘epidemics’ of under-remedy of valid ache and the over-prescription of hashish is clouded via way of means of insufficient or faulty information of hashish pills and the endogenous ache path-approaches with which they interact. An information of the fundamental pharmacology of hashish allows tell the clinician and different stakeholders approximately those concurrently under-and over--used agents.


Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids misuse, Cannabinoids Pharmacology

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