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Enhancement of Solubility and Dissolution of Ibuprofen by Solid Dispersion Technique with the Help of Box-Behnken Design

Sake Vaishnavi S., Rajendra Surawase, Narote sudam R, Shruti Raundal, Borse Sudarshan, Mayur Sonawane


This study aims to develop a stable solid dispersion of ibuprofen by solvent evaporation technique with increased solubility, dissolution, and stability. Solid dispersion of ibuprofen with PEG-6000 and poloxamer 407 in different weight ratios was prepared using solvent evaporation technique. The saturation solubility study showed a significant effect of all polymers on the solubility of ibuprofen in batch F6, which showed a maximum solubility of 97.99 g/mL in water. The Box-Behnken design was applied to develop the ibuprofen tablet formulation, taking into account poloxamer 407, SSG, and MMC as independent factors, and drug release and compression index as dependent variables.


Ibuprofen solid dispersion, factorial design, solvent evaporation technique, bioavaibility

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