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Formulation and Characterization of Novel Ethanolic Carrier for Improves Penetration of Serratiopeptidase

Vijayan Venugopal, Kalaimanai Jayaraja Kumar, Selvadurai Muralidharan, Subramani Parasuraman


The aim of present study was to develop ethanolic vesicles of proteolytic enzyme Serratiopeptidase (SRP) by solvent evaporation with high speed homogenization method and to evaluate the Serratiopeptidase ethosomes in treating the topical inflammation. The feasibility of SRP niosomes prepared by using lecithin and ethanol has been successfully demonstrated in this investigation. The entrapment efficiency was found to be influenced by the molar ratio of lecithin: ethanol concentration of SRP in ethosomes. The developed ethosomes were characterized for morphology, particle size, and in vitro release. SRP niosomes obtained were round in nanosized range. At lecithin: ethanol molar ratio 2.5:1 entrapment efficiency was maximum, that is, 75.37% ± 0.67, and showed consistent release pattern over 24 h.


Keywords: Ethosomes, Serratiopeptidase (SRP), lecithin, anti-inflammatory

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