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Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques: A Review

Pushpaveni C, Arun Kumar C., Visagaperumal D., Vineeth Chandy


Analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals plays a major role in pharmaceutical industry and academia and also helps in its development. Pharmaceutical analysis mainly deals with the various traditions, physciophysico-chemical and modern analytical methods, utilizing qualitative and quantitative estimation of drugs and pharmaceuticals. These pharmaceuticals would serve their intent only if they are administered in appropriate amount that is free from impurities. In order to make drugs serve their purpose, various chemical and analytical methods were developed for the estimation of drugs. Precision and reduced bias errors in this case can be achieved with a properly improved analytical method development and its validation. Economically, it’s it is very useful and reduces much of the work time. With the help of analytical validation, we can confirm the process involved in the development of drugs by manufacturing. The aim of the review is to highlight the variety of analytical techniques such as titrimetric, chromatographic, spectroscopic, electrochemical, and electrophoretic and various other methods that are involved in analysis of pharmaceuticals.


Keywords:   Accuracy, analytical methods, precision, stability, validation


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Pushpaveni C., Arun Kumar C., Visagaperumal D., Vineeth Chandy. Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques: A Review. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2020; 7(1): 26–37p.

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