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Trikadu for De-worming, Associated Health Problems and use of Efficacy Screening for Quality Control

Amruthavalli G.V., Gayathri R.


Trikadu choornam/tablet is a Sastric Siddha Medicine with three herbs black pepper (kali mirch), ginger (adhrakh) and long pepper (pippali). It is known to have multiple therapeutic benefits. But trikadu also contain anti-helminthic activity. In the current article, the deworming ability of Trikadu was evaluated. The evaluation was done on two different worms i.e., Pheretima posthuma (PP) and Tubifex tubifex (TT). The time and concentration required for the paralysis of worms were calculated and presented in the paper.


Trikadu choornam, de-worming, therapeutic, anti-helminthic, paralysis

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