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Pharmacology of Migrain

Patil Nikita Kantilal, Patil Sayali Dinesh, Patil Lalit Radheshyam, Azam Z. Shaikh, Rajesh D. Ahire, S.P. Pawar


Migraine is too an explosive headache that influence nearly 10% of grown person on all sides. The society migraine is an ordinary cerebral sickness identify with a repeated headache frequently go along with by vomiting, phonophobia and nausea. Migraine impact an evaluate more than 10% of human beings pandemic, occurs most of ten included in human beingaged 20 to 50 years& it about a times -day to day in female more than in male. According to clinical and epidemiology studies there are number of factor which precipitate the risk of migrant attack. Prevention of migraine includes both Pharmacological and non- pharmacological action. Pharmacological action includes prevention with B-blockers, Calcium channel blockers; tricyclic antidepressants antiepileptic drugs are considered first line preventive treatment and in non-pharmacological included use of nutraceutical. In this article we focused on migraine and its pharmacology, prevention and treatment.


Migraine, substantianigra, Calcium channel blockers, pharmacological action, nutraceutical

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