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Formulation and Evaluations of Herbal Chocolate

Vivek s Patil, Yash D Patil, Yash D. Patil, Azam Z. Shaikh


Chocolate is a favorite food for children, but medicines are a disliked substance. The purpose of this study is to design and manufacture chocolate. Also known as chocolate drug delivery. The main purpose of this study was to prescribe chocolate containing medicines. H. Medicinal chocolate to prevent illness. Viral infections are the most common illness in children's cough. Azardica indica and curcumalonga, neem and turmeric are herbal medicines with multiple medicinal properties, one of which is antitussive. Medicinal chocolate formulations commonly used for imbalanced infections increase patient compliance. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate chocolate with an ethanol extract of neem and turmeric, which has an antitussive effect. The chocolate product produced is evaluated for general appearance, pH, stability, bloom test, dimensions, hardness and exhibits excellent drug release properties.


Medicated Chocolate, Curcuma longa, Azadirachta indica, Antioxidants.

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